Give Fat The Cold Shoulder
With The Calorie Burning Ice Vest!

The Most Advanced Cold Therapy Available Today!
Hear Why Everyone is Raving About The Cold Shoulder Ice Vest!
"I've gone from a size 20
to a size 12 pant!"

"So easy to use - just take it out of the freezer!"
"I feel a healthful effect from  wearing it"
“The addition of the cold vest increased my weight loss by ½ to 2½ pounds per week!"
"I found it's also great for immediate muscle recovery."
"The fat just melted off, without exercise, without reducing my food intake, and without questionable supplements."
Burn Unwanted Calories with No Exercise 
Using Mild Cold Exposure!
Finally, a Functional, Comfortable, and Stylish 
Clothing-Based Calorie-Burning Aid!
& Effortless to Use
Burn fat even while sitting, 
resting or watching TV! 
After trying it a few times, you'll hardly notice you're wearing it. The very first time you put it on, it may feel a bit uncomfortable. But like a new pair of shoes, you'll soon get used to it, and after wearing it a few times you'll soon forget it's even there, and you'll get on with your day without a second thought. 
Scientifically Proven
& Effective
Mild cold exposure burns calories – it’s a scientific fact. The idea is based on decades of research by scientists from Harvard to Cambridge and beyond. 

CryoMAX "Points of Cold" Technology is the most advanced cold therapy available today, a patented, science based system that utilizes non toxic, non latex materials and works for up to 8 hours at doctor recommended therapeutic temperatures.
It Gets More Effective 
The More You Wear it

Your body gets more used to the idea of turning on your internal furnace to burn calories. 

Unlike conventional cold packs used in other vest's that act by freezing underlying tissue and blood vessels, CryoMAX "Points of Cold" Technology absorbs body heat without interfering with the body's natural processes.

How Does Cold Shoulder 
Ice Vest Work?
You know that "just-jumped-into-the-pool" feeling? The water's maybe 72-78 degrees, which is about 20-25 degrees (F) cooler than your body. 

Those first few seconds, you feel it---you feel the temperature difference. But your body reacts almost immediately, cranking up your metabolism, cranking up the calorie burn to maintain your internal temperature at 98.6... and moments later you've forgotten the temperature difference and you're just enjoying the pool. That's how our ice vest feels. 

You'll put it on, your skin will say, "Hmm, that's a bit chilly", and a moment or two later you've forgotten about it. Your body has compensated, turned up the heat, and you're burning extra calories as you go about your daily chores. It's that simple.
Space Age Technology
Developed by A NASA Scientist!

The inventor of The Cold Shoulder Ice Vest, Professor Wayne B. Hayes, is a NASA Scientist and Professor at the University of California. During a study of the effect of cold exposure on calorie burn, Dr. Hayes realized that there had to be a way that he could harness the power of mild cold exposure to help ordinary people increase their daily calorie burn even while they're sitting in a chair.

That's when the Cold Shoulder Ice Vest was born!

Activate your Body’s Natural Fat Burning Machine! 
Naturally Boost Your Metabolism to Burn More Calories and Fat